Es un culebrera?

Dudas sobre identificación, distribución, biología, etc,...
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Es un culebrera?

Mensaje por Mountbatten » Mié, 21 Abr 2021, 10:21

I grabbed Tammy's hips with both hands and squeezed them tight, satisfied with how tight and firm she was just about everywhere. I felt Jen moaning over my aching cock as I massaged my hands around Tammy's ass, then brought my fingers down between her legs to feel the very wet, very warm, very welcoming flesh. Having a bit of trouble figuring out the best position for my hand, I finally settled with putting my palm over her mound such that my fingers could rub her clit while my thumb moved in and out of the tight little hole.

Jen took my cock out of her mouth, and moved my fingers away from Tammy's clitoris. She pulled my cock in closer and started rubbing it up and down Tammy's vagina, letting the warm, slick juices cover me nearly completely. I felt Jen's tongue stroke back and forth on my balls while my cock slid back and forth over the length of Tammy's engorged lips.

"Mmmmm...." I heard Tammy moan, "Jen, what are you doing back there?" She didn't sound worried, just curious.
"Oh, nothing much!" Jen laughed, "just getting you good and ready." Tammy lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder.
"Good and ready for what, dear?" Tammy laughed back, slightly nervous from what I could tell.
Jen continued rubbing my cock back and forth in between Tammy's lips, my hands now on Tammy's hips, squeezing and gently stroking. I realized then that I really, really loved my hands on Tammy's hips. They were wonderful.
"Oh, just whatever... you know!" Jen laughed, she pulled my cock all the way back as she said that and moved the tip of my penis right up to the tiny hole of Tammy's vagina. Tammy didn't jerk away, but she didn't push backward, either.
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Re: Es un culebrera?

Mensaje por Kakariki » Mié, 21 Abr 2021, 10:24

El mensaje me suena bastante...


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